Your Brain on Yoga: A Blueprint for Transformation — Gabriel Axel

If you’re over a certain age, I’m pretty sure you’ve seen or heard those commercials or possibly the many parodies that go something like this.

‘This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs.’

It is usually accompanied by someone cracking an egg and dropping it into a heated fry pan. It is humorous and designed to make a point about drug use but the truth is one’s brain is an amazingly adaptable organ.

The simplest example of this is how a person learns. Whether it’s new ideas, new language, or new ways of doing things, the brain rewires itself to  perform in a new way. Another example is how someone can adapt after a life changing event such as an accident or loss of a limb or of a sensory organ. The brain adapts to compensate for the loss.

The good part is that yoga does much the same thing in as much as the brain is concerned.

Read this article by Gabriel Axel and you will be amazed. Unless you are a yogi, then you already knew this.

Your Brain on Yoga: A Blueprint for Transformation — Gabriel Axel



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