The Fair

I went to our local fair last night.

Truthfully, I only went because some musician friends were playing that night. I got there early so I could have time to walk around, see the sites and exhibits, and get some ‘fair’ food.

I eventually met up with some other friends and that, along with the music, was the highlight of the night. It could have been any other venue and I still would have enjoyed the company and the entertainment.

The fair itself was a different story. Walking around looking at the vendors and the exhibits, everything seemed so … not real. I know that’s not a very descriptive way of putting it but it is hard to describe how I felt. It all seemed so cheap and artificial and fake, as if everyone were putting on a show that no one longer believed in or that anyone held any real desire for. It was tired and it was sad because I remember the fair when I was young being a very different thing. It was exciting, it was fresh, and it was constantly amazing and wonderful.

After reflecting on my impressions, I wondered if it was just me. Have I changed in my adulthood to a point where new and wonderful had become faded and tawdry? Or was I finally seeing the fair for what it had been along… a glam for easily fooled children.

I still don’t know the answer to that question. Perhaps I’ll figure it out or perhaps I won’t. I do know that I do see the wonderful, I do see the amazing, and I do see the beautiful …

..every single day.


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