Barbarians at the Bleachers

I like football.

Specifically, I like American style NFL football. I have since I was a young boy. I still remember watching ‘Dandy’ Don Meredith and the Dallas Cowboys when they began to really dominate the NFL.

I watched them and cheered for them whether they won or lost. I’ve watched them over the years as they changed players, coaches, and stadiums. Some years they were great and some years they were mediocre. Some years they were downright lousy. Didn’t matter; I still rooted for them to win.

What I didn’t do was cheer when one of their players was injured.

I’ve also been a Houston fan. Early on it was the Oilers and now the Texans. If you follow football, you may know that Houston’s quarterback, Matt Schaub, has been having several rough weeks. Maybe he is in a funk, maybe it is something else, but his play has been far from stellar.

Will he right his ship and get back on course? I think so. But that is beside the point.

It has been reported that a number of Texans fans cheered when their starting quarterback was injured after being sacked by Rams defensive end Chris Long.


When did it become accepted or even considered to cheer when your own player gets injured? Now I get that some people wanted him to be benched in favor of one of the backups, but this is unconscionable.

Have people become that uncaring of their fellow human beings as to celebrate misfortune? Do they want to win so bad that they are willing for people to get hurt in order to possibly improve that chance? It’s hard to fathom.

Perhaps it is due to the current state of society. A society so depressive on the human spirit that any lengths would be taken to achieve a sense of accomplishment, even if vicariously gotten through a win by a favored sports team at the expense, or more appropriately the sacrifice, of one of said teams players.

This is a sad commentary on modern man.


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