Is This The Real Life?

My son and I recently had a discussion about the nature of reality.

He had asked me to view a video concerning the universe as a separate entity existing apart from our perception. The premise being that the universe only exists in its present form due to the image our perception provides with input from our senses.

He asked me if the world and everything we knew was really ‘real’. He wondered if everything he perceived was a product of his mind with him the only real being and everything and everyone else part of his manufactured world view.

Solipsism is a difficult concept to grasp, especially for a fourteen year old. I can remember having those same thoughts at an early age although maybe not quite so young as my son. I gave him my thoughts on the universe and perception and left him to form his own conclusions about the nature of reality and his part in the big picture.

Afterwards I thought about the long road I had traveled to arrive at my current belief system. I wondered where his path would take him and what sort of belief system would he find that fit his needs, temperament, and world view.

I’ve never been a parent that purposely tried to install a particular belief system into my children, preferring to guide them in learning acceptable behavior for society, giving them opportunity to discover the world on their own as much as possible, and letting them find their own place in the universe.

And that is a part of my reality.


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