Vertigo – Finding Balance in my Life

If you’ve read my post, On The Mat, you know I suffer from extended, sometimes extreme bouts of vertigo. In the past couple of months or so these episodes have increased in frequency much to my dismay. What once occurred, on average, 6-8 months apart has now increased to every week or so and even a couple of times a week on occasion.

Since I was diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease or Meniere’s Syndrome as they’re now calling it, I’ve been on a strict diet and medication which has helped for the most part. I’m still on my regimen but, regardless, the attacks are on the increase. I can somewhat dampen the effects by using Meclazine, which I detest, but the episodes all but disable me.

I have determined that Meclazine is not the answer for me. It makes me drowsy and foggy brained and, although a constant relatively high dose of the drug helps to prevent the attacks, that is not an ideal way of life for me. Therefore I’ve begun investigating alternate treatments.

There is a procedure that can be done in which a drug called Gentamicin is injected into the inner ear effectively destroying the balance detecting abilities of that ear. This prevents the vertigo from occurring since it is the malfunctioning inner ear that causes the trouble to begin with. The downside is that it also eliminates the hearing in that ear.

This is not a huge downside for me as I’ve lost about 80% of the hearing in that ear already and what little I do hear sounds very distorted and almost unrecognizable as speech.

I think I’m ready for this step.

I have gotten to a point to where I really enjoy life and all it has to offer. I want to live, I want to dream, I want to love. Which is not to say those things aren’t possible in my current condition; I love my life.

I just want to enjoy it more.

Is that so wrong?



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