Chaos, bound by harsh refrain
of sorrow’s bitter voice,
lives within and does contain
a possibility.

A million worlds, a million sighs,
a million days … fill me
with the taste of sweetest wine
and pain of broken life.

Sitting in my sea of thought
and watching life go by
I wished for that which spoke to me
of all that I desired.

Do not seek, Sisyphus said.
Do not tread those paths
that sing of promise and unborn dreams.
Stay and sing with me.

Should I leave this sheltered place
and dare to venture forth
into unknown realms of thought
and unseen prophecy?

Or should I turn to that within
which brought me to this world
and shun all gods old and new
for the spark that lives inside.

Would that I had seen that light
on bright and sunny day.
That brilliant gem of dusky hue
hidden deep inside.

For all things found and those unmet
in Winter’s darkest time
give Summer rain, lest I forget,
to cleanse my churning mind.

© 2001-2013 Stephen Boothe

This is another older piece that I recently reworked. I was happy to have found the original thoughts that led me to this.


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