Resolution Blues

If I could reach up and
keep the world held still,
I’d go back three days
with a two dollar bill.
Then I’d buy me some time
to take a little rest
from all of this coincidence
and Mr. Barlow’s test.

If you could only look inside
your organ grinder self,
you’d put that monkey down
and set him on a shelf.
Happiness is what you find
when you don’t have the time
for arguments or petty thieves
who’ve taken your last dime.

Don’t just walk on past me now
in your twenty dollar shoes;
take a chance, break the bank,
there’s nothing left to lose.
You can see what’s left to find
inside your heart of stone
or cough it up and spit it out;
cause you don’t need that bone

stuck right down inside your throat
for all the world to see.
You think it ain’t showing
but that don’t worry me.
Lay it down beside me now
and you will truly find
that thorn that’s been pricking you;
that hook inside your mind.

Mr. Barlow has left us now
never to return.
Although you may not see the sky
I doubt that you will burn.
The paperboy has made his round,
now you can read the news.
Drop that stone and take a drink
of Resolution Blues.

© 2013 Stephen Boothe

I still write the occasional song and this one popped into my head after listening to Dylan’s Highway 61 Revisited the other night. Now to find one of my musician friends to add the musical accompaniment.


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