Downtown ArtWalk and Poetry Slam


Yesterday, my town held their downtown ArtWalk. It is an event where local artist display their work around the town square along with interactive displays and music. There was also a Poetry Slam, which is of special interest to me.

Due to the cold weather, the temperatures were at or just below freezing all day, all the artists were moved indoor into various venues and establishments to make it a warmer event. Luckily, we didn’t get any precipitation to speak of so we didn’t have to deal with ice or snow.

Considering the cold, the turnout was better than I had expected. Living in my part of Texas, we don’t get a lot of cold weather and residents aren’t used to it. That said, a lot of locals came out for the fun.

ArtWalkAuctionMy son and I got there early as we both had volunteered to help with the event in setup and to assist the artists. It was a good opportunity for my son, both to volunteer but also to be exposed to the art and to the artists. In his usual day to day life, he doesn’t get the opportunity to do those things that often.


It was a wonderful chance to see many of my friends who were exhibiting their work and to meet new friends and talk to them about their art.

ArtWalkLaney ArtWalkInteractive


After a couple of hours, the Poetry Slam was held in the Main Street Art Gallery which was a central point for all of the activities. Five poets read, including myself, and it was a nice mix of styles and performance. It is always interesting to me to not only hear what other poets have written but to see their performance styles. My hope is that as more of these events are held, more poets will come out to read.



Every time I am given the opportunity to participate and experience these types of events, I see it as a positive sign that our town is moving in the direction I and many others would like to see. That of a varied and vibrant city with Arts, and Music, and Theater, and all the things that make like so beautiful!


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One response to “Downtown ArtWalk and Poetry Slam

  • Rexie

    “That of a varied and vibrant city with Arts, and Music, and Theater, and all the things that make like so beautiful!”

    So true! See, I always felt that way too 🙂

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