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I dance on the
edge of madness
as angels kiss my lips.

The song of a
forgiven love
brings tears to feed my bliss.

What once was said
to keep the heart
from everlasting pain

has now come back
to feed my soul;
a feast for all I’ve gained

from all my day’s
forgotten times
and every thought I hold.

For everything
you bring me now
has once been bought and sold.

I eat the flesh
of love and more;
it tastes so bittersweet.

I cannot bear
this black remorse
of your naive deceit.

When souls as ours
have lived so long
to hear the ringing sound

of hearts that cry
for pain’s surcease
and love that lives unbound,

it gives me life
and undimmed hope
for future love untold.

Yet everything
you bring me now
has once been bought and sold.

© 2013 Stephen Boothe



Then came that day at Summer’s mid;
the Sun a bitter pill
to clouds that spoke with silver tongues
but kept loud voices still.

I dream’t that day back in the Fall
while spewing fear-filled sweat
and kicking silk from icy feet;
a dance I’ll not forget.

Foul clock that ticked the minutes past
to end a love so soon
had robbed the taste from ice-cream snow
and bloodied April’s moon.

So ends that day at Summer’s mid
in haunting disarray.
Now love and life can beg no more
for all that now remains.

© 2013 Stephen Boothe

Madness, Murder and Addiction


If you read my last post, Life, Steampunk, Edgar Allen Poe, and Nevermore, you know I was to attend an upcoming play based on the works of Edgar Allen Poe written by Matt Richey and directed by Josh Carpenter.

Last night was a special performance set to coincide with the 205th birthday of Edgar Allen Poe. Suggested attire was Steampunk or Funeral and most, if not all, of the attendees came appropriately outfitted. It was a wonder to behold and I could tell this was going to be a special night. Everyone was excited and electric as the play began and the performance did not disappoint.

This description, from the Apex – Theatre 20 website, only touches on the intensity of this play:

Nevermore is a tale of madness, murder and addiction featuring a young Edgar Allan Poe in fictional adventures based on his classic works of literature, including “The Raven” and “The Fall of the House of Usher.” In this tale, Poe visits his old friend Monty in his crumbling manor and encounters a mystery in the mysterious deaths of Monty’s parents and the disappearance of his sister Lenore. Solving the mystery requires Poe to confront his own dark past.

I have been to many plays and have seen small to semi-large productions over the years and this performance was hands down the best I’ve seen.

From the intensity of the actors to the sharpness of direction, the use of lighting to augment the mood to the beauty and accuracy of the set, the efficiency of the stage management to the tempo of the production, I was overwhelmed by the beautiful madness set forth by this wonderful group.

After the play was finished and cast and crew took their bows, the festivities continued. The audience was led outside with accompaniment by the talented Lacie Carpenter. There we were treated to a tale of the Poe Toaster who, for over seven decades, paid an annual tribute to Edgar Allan Poe by visiting the cenotaph marking his original grave in Baltimore, Maryland in the early hours of January 19, Poe’s birthday. We were each given a small flask of cognac to toast the occasion in whichever manner seemed appropriate.

This is what theater should be.

Life, Steampunk, Edgar Allen Poe, and Nevermore

I had the unique opportunity to recently model for a good photographer friend of mine.

Kevin is a freelance photographer that does excellent work and periodically coordinates a photo shoot with several other freelance photographers. On these occasions, he will have an open call for models and, while the people who model for him are typically younger; 20’s – 30’s, I asked if he would mind having an older guy at his shoot.

He said sure so I showed up dressed as you will see below:


Just so you know, this is not my normal appearance, but there is a story behind that.

Another friend of mine works with a local theatre group and is directing an upcoming play based on the works of Edgar Allen Poe. The play is entitled Nevermore and is written by Matt Ritchey. As part of its run, there will be a special showing on Jan. 18th along with a party celebrating Edgar Allen Poe’s birthday which is the 19th.

As part of the party celebration, guests are encouraged to dress in either Steampunk or Funeral attire. So… since I had planned to attend the special event … and I had already devised my costume, I thought …Why not?

I thought it came out very well and as you can see Kevin is a fabulous photographer.


I crawl through lives
on killing floor
to hold the beast within.

With belly down
and soft refrain,
a shield for all my sin.

Taking all that
is owed to me
and ever seeking more,

I cannot find
this thing I’ve lost
or that which I adore.

Do I deserve
this wounded fate?
Can I now find a place

to rest my bones
and save my soul;
to finally see my face?

A face unseen
to me for as long
as I have ever known.

Hidden by
this unearned guilt
that I cannot disown.

Leave me now
you vicious shroud
of imaginary sin!

I cast aside
this callous veil
and learn to shed my skin.

© 2013 Stephen Boothe


Infinity is as far away
as the next breath.
A lifetime lived in a kiss
or untimely death.

What the soul contains is aught
but condensed time
held forever in your heart
as well as mine.

© 2013 Stephen Boothe


I find the slip
of silk reprieve
between the out and the in.

And nestle down
in shifting sand
to lose the beast within.

Then glide upon
a lucid stream
no fairer balance known

as I reclaim
the things I’ve done
and all I’ve ever owned.

© 2013 Stephen Boothe

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