Life, Steampunk, Edgar Allen Poe, and Nevermore

I had the unique opportunity to recently model for a good photographer friend of mine.

Kevin is a freelance photographer that does excellent work and periodically coordinates a photo shoot with several other freelance photographers. On these occasions, he will have an open call for models and, while the people who model for him are typically younger; 20’s – 30’s, I asked if he would mind having an older guy at his shoot.

He said sure so I showed up dressed as you will see below:


Just so you know, this is not my normal appearance, but there is a story behind that.

Another friend of mine works with a local theatre group and is directing an upcoming play based on the works of Edgar Allen Poe. The play is entitled Nevermore and is written by Matt Ritchey. As part of its run, there will be a special showing on Jan. 18th along with a party celebrating Edgar Allen Poe’s birthday which is the 19th.

As part of the party celebration, guests are encouraged to dress in either Steampunk or Funeral attire. So… since I had planned to attend the special event … and I had already devised my costume, I thought …Why not?

I thought it came out very well and as you can see Kevin is a fabulous photographer.


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