Monthly Archives: February 2014


Sometimes I worry about the darkness
that lives inside.

The part that lives
and will not die

The one that is prepared
to kill every living thing

just to survive.

It is a part of me
of which I can not deny

The strength that comes
when I am weak

and tells me
that I will live


I hold its tongue
and dare not let it speak

the words that
it knows so well.

It calls to death
and bides it’s time


© 2014 Stephen Boothe



A misery
can live its life
in quiet and humble ways

or shriek its name
across the clouds
proclaiming end of days.

It matters not
to those that feel
its everlasting sting;

a harsh embrace
to crush a heart
that once had lived to sing.

© 2014 Stephen Boothe

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