That Was Then

This is the first part of a series entitled Then and Now. See this post for how this series came to be.




Darkness envelops my perception

I cannot see

I cannot feel

I breathe…

I taste dirt as I slowly become aware
leaving dreamspeak behind

…with great regret.

A cold hard ground has become my bed
replacing those clouds upon which I had so recently flown.

Where am I?

Who am I?

A veiled identity looms darkly beyond my reach
laughing with bitter tease.


Memory slowly approaches on decrepit legs
extending a vaguely familiar hand…

…with a growing awareness of a doubted reality
biting closely at his heels.

I cannot move

I do not feel my body

My leaden limbs will not respond
to my ever increasingly frantic mind.


I turn my mind from darkness to light
and renew my effort to rise.


A warm and loving light breaks through
this fog of rising fear and despair.

I feel…

I am alive.

My sleeping spirit has now awakened.

Now my long journey begins…

© 2014 Stephen Boothe


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Sixty plus year old Network engineer, father, grandfather, webmaster, graphic designer, guitar/bass player, yogi from Texas. View all posts by txyogi

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