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Flowers and Forgiveness

For so long I struggled
on roads of despair
constructed on the backs
of manufactured woes;

my soul following along
with a cry in the night.
This is not my place!
I do not belong here!

Dragged along, hungry
for the life and the love
that comes from the journey
inside one’s true heart,

I begged for the light
of flowers and forgiveness;
sleeping for the day
that I would be free.

Who has sown this
garden of weeds,
choking out love
and poisoning life’s fruit?

Is this all I have
residing within?
Or is this just hate
spawned from indifference?

The black had imprisoned me
in its cruel embrace, saying
this is your fate
and you have been chosen

by your own inaction;
by your own denial
of that which lies
inside your true self.

I have tasted the bitter
and I’ve lived in the black
for so long, my hands
are as dark as my soul.

Yet light has found a way
to bring me back again
from that which had once
threatened to bury me.

Now I live in a place of light.
Now I feel the love
of all that surrounds me
and all that comes from inside.

This is the light;
this is the love
of flowers
and forgiveness.

© 2014 Stephen Boothe



I don’t want to change you
I just want to love you
I want to feel your breath on my neck
I want to smell your skin when I wake up in the morning
I want to see the world through your eyes
I just want to fall and know that you will catch me
I want you to listen to me and understand me

I want to be the one you love for the rest of our lives

I just want to love you…forever

© 2014 Stephen Boothe


Surrender is that
which takes the heart
and makes it bow
to love’s embrace.

A sweet surcease
of quickened blood,
a masking of
true terror’s face.

For are we not
a pawn of that
which keeps us from
this simple place,

if we can never
feel the love;
if we do not
accept our fate.

© 2014 Stephen Boothe

Politics, Facebook, and the Evolution of Human Interaction

Politics is like Facebook.

Yeah, I said Facebook.

Ok, I hear you saying “What in the world do you mean, Boothe? Politics is like Facebook? No way!!


Let me explain.

Don’t get me wrong, Facebook can be great; it’s useful; it fulfills a purpose. It allows people to connect that otherwise would not be able to do so or, at the very least, would have great difficulty doing so.

But let me tell what it also does or rather what it has become. It has become a substitute for real life. It has become a substitute for real human interaction. It is a façade. It is fake. And it paints a picture of a world that does not exist. It is often used to show you a projected image designed to alter your perception of either the person presenting that image or to cause you to feel about a particular subject in a desired fashion.

Are you feeling me yet?

In our country (merica) we have two political parties and their job is to convince you that you need to think the way they do; you need to see things the way they see them, and, most importantly, that the ‘other’ party is not only wrong but they are also the spawn of the devil (or whichever malevolent diety/entity in which you currently believe is the yang to your yin). Admittedly, Facebook has a way to go to catch up but it is relatively young. This politics thing has had quite a head start.

The point of the matter is that the intention of politics is to move your focus from a place where you are connected to all fellow humans and everyone is equal in their worth and in the love they give and receive to a place of ‘this is me and that is you’; a place where ‘my thoughts/beliefs/stuff is better than your thoughts/beliefs/stuff. Anyone that is not you or yours is ‘the enemy’ and ‘does not measure up’ and of course must be destroyed lest their opinions be actually heard.

Whoa, excuse me. I drifted there for a bit.

So back to Facebook. And to be honest, it’s not just Facebook but most of Social Media. So much of it has become an artifice not only designed to portray an almost perfect utopian image but has become the defacto method of communication for many. For why would one want to actually interact with a fellow human being on a very personal face to face level when there is the remote possibility that they may see through your façade and get a glimpse of who you truly are and see your true intentions and motivations.

Oh, the horror!

Which brings me back to politics. Circles within circles within circles…

Politicians are very, very good at what they do for the most part. After all, if they aren’t good at their craft they don’t get reelected. They have the ability to do what the average person does on Facebook every day, but do it in person. Face to face. That takes skill. That takes dedication. That takes an enormous ability to engage in subterfuge of the highest level. A politician’s intent is to move you from a place in which your natural inclinations or beliefs guide you to a place where their projected image becomes your guidepost, becomes your objective, becomes your reality.

Welcome to the machine (to quote a very popular songwriter of my generation).

© 2014 Stephen Boothe

Dreams, Dragons, and the Love That Binds

Dreams, Dragons, and
the love that binds;
this is what I seek
and sometimes find
when I catch a glimpse
of the one I left behind
in that world so long ago
before I learned how to truly live.

I touch those memories
carefully kept in folded hands
so that they may last
through the pain
and days so dark
that I can’t feel my own heart
or even know my own name
I have so much to give

I met a man
in a dream one day.
He said
come with me and stay;
I will show you how
to live here forever.
This is where
the love is.

Freedom takes
away the pain
and wonder takes
away the chain
of self-imposed
that never ending
self fulfilling prophecy.

I feel I’m too strong
and sometimes
I feel I can’t keep on
living the way I’ve known
for all this time
and all these ways;
this is not my life.

Now I have been moved
and I have found magic.
Dreams, Dragons, and Love
are all that I can imagine.
Now we will dance
and we will sing
and the world will know
that we are one.

© 2014 Stephen Boothe

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