Dreams, Dragons, and the Love That Binds

Dreams, Dragons, and
the love that binds;
this is what I seek
and sometimes find
when I catch a glimpse
of the one I left behind
in that world so long ago
before I learned how to truly live.

I touch those memories
carefully kept in folded hands
so that they may last
through the pain
and days so dark
that I can’t feel my own heart
or even know my own name
I have so much to give

I met a man
in a dream one day.
He said
come with me and stay;
I will show you how
to live here forever.
This is where
the love is.

Freedom takes
away the pain
and wonder takes
away the chain
of self-imposed
that never ending
self fulfilling prophecy.

I feel I’m too strong
and sometimes
I feel I can’t keep on
living the way I’ve known
for all this time
and all these ways;
this is not my life.

Now I have been moved
and I have found magic.
Dreams, Dragons, and Love
are all that I can imagine.
Now we will dance
and we will sing
and the world will know
that we are one.

© 2014 Stephen Boothe


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Sixty plus year old Network engineer, father, grandfather, webmaster, graphic designer, guitar/bass player, yogi from Texas. View all posts by txyogi

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