Heard this from another part
of my broken mind;
the part that sings to me;
that sings to me of fear.

Sometimes, like today, the fear of being alone is so overpowering. I feel like I am suffocating. I feel as if I can’t breathe; I can’t get enough oxygen. I feel like I will never have love in my life….ever….and that is such an overpowering thought.

Look up; see the sky;
feel the sun upon your face.
Look up; see the sun;
feel the smile that cracks your face.
Happy day. Happy day.
Feel the lie upon your face.

Heard this from another part
of my curious mind;
do you see?
do you hear




of the clock that beats
that meets and greets
and answers all your questions?
Those questions that come from
all of those
rigidly enforced laws?
The ones you’ve made
to be able to cope
with all



Can you take a pause
and realize
there is no time;
Only the rhyme
of life and love
if you are only willing
to listen.

Can you listen?
can you hear?
can you feel me?
I am here
and I am love.


Heard this from another part
of my present mind
another song
in another face
I sing to that
which brings me




to another place

Yes, I know
there are two windows
to my soul
I have existed in both
One, then the other
and back again
I choose
Do I choose?
I choose which view
which view takes me
and makes me
all I want to be
and see
all I need to flee
that rotten core of after time
that apple in my eye
never showing fruit
on any vine

This is me

This is me

© 2014 Stephen Boothe


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Sixty plus year old Network engineer, father, grandfather, webmaster, graphic designer, guitar/bass player, yogi from Texas. View all posts by txyogi

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