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Black II

The blackest black
and the whitest white
defines me
It is who I am
I live inside both
and feel that duality

I’ve been torn into two
for so long I can’t know
who or what
I truly am
Please let me climb inside a place
where I can be


There is no place for me…

I will wait..

and I will die..


© 2014 Stephen Boothe


When She Goes

If you haven’t heard the song Neon by John Mayer, listen to it and you will understand..


Sometimes I feel
it all falling down
and the weight
is more than I can stand.

When she slips
through your fingers
You know
it was never meant to happen.

© 2014 Stephen Boothe


How can I describe the pleasure
of your kiss.
The unparalleled bliss
when your lips
touch mine.
Pure heaven,
soft as a feather,
sweeter than the
sweetest wine;
all words fall short
of the sublime
ecstasy of your kiss.

© 1997 Stephen Boothe

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