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I have seen that place
where I would go
the place I long to be
but do you know
what it means
to have that need?
to have no piece
of mind or drive
to live that life?
To take one’s self
from all you were born to
from all you were made to
I was not meant to be
I was made to be


I reject

I am nothing

And when there is nothing

There is




I went to sleep
and then I dreamed
that I had learned how to fly.

But maybe I had really
just learned how to die.

Touch the sky
close your eyes
when we sigh
and when we cry
day turns to night

we all accept that lie

Yeah, I heard what you said
Is this all we get?
Are we just left for dead?

I think I read
that every dog
must have his day
Will you have your say?

Will you talk
until you’re blue
in the face?
Must this be a race
to that which leaves us


and thirsting
for a life that has
just a little


Just a little taste
of what we can truly be
If all we see
is just a reflection of ourselves
then what have we become?

Are we whole?
Or are we just some
bit of flesh
that’s learned how to walk
and now must run
to that which gives us
instant gratification.

What about the rest?

What about compassion?

© 2014 Stephen Boothe

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