Monthly Archives: November 2014


A shadow inside
Is it me or just winter?
My bones have grown cold.


© 2014 Stephen Boothe



There are leaves falling from the trees
and I feel the decay

in my mind
in my body
and in my dreams

These are the days I feel my end
and know I die alone

© 2014 Stephen Boothe


What rough beast
this way comes
to breathe in love
and spew such hate.

To crush out life
with callous heel
as though it were
but cast out leavings

of forgotten dreams
that held no sway
over man or woman
and all they loved.

This bitter thorn
does prick the heart.
A fatal wound;
a poison pill

on tongues that sang
of bright new days,
now to choke
on life’s last blood.

Black clouds have now
consumed the sun
and past
has gone away.

© 2013 Stephen Boothe


If you want me here
remind me of why I stay
not of why I can’t

© 2014 Stephen Boothe


Hold onto my hand
so that when I die, I will
have lived in the Sun

© 2014 Stephen Boothe

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