Monthly Archives: January 2015

Clear Blue Sky

I swim inside a clear blue sky
and it’s been a while
since it’s been
this clear.

Give me all you can
cause I can take it.
I will make it mine.

I hear echoes of
what I’ve seen
and I know love
will make me whole.

I know I taste of
faded souls
cause that’s where
I’ve been.

I’ve looked directly
into the sun
and saw those sad, sad eyes
that burn so brightly
but feel no warmth.

That has to be the loneliest
thing there is..
when the black, black night

and says ‘come back home.
This is where you’ve
always belonged.
You weren’t meant
to ever live
in the light’.

But still I dream
and still I love
and still I swim
inside that
clear blue sky.

© 2015 Stephen Boothe


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