Japanese Girl

Walking down that dirty street so long,
I’d lost the taste for life,
drinking all those dreams so wrong.

Then I met that Japanese girl…
She took me for a ride
then threw me right out.

I think I must have been a ghost
drifting on dust,
wine, weed, and pills,

just living in my shoes
and saying all those things
I used to say.

Then I dreamt of that Japanese girl
thinking maybe,
just maybe,

I could walk down that street once more.
I don’t know…
am I still alive?

Well I don’t know if I’m sane
or if this is really all I am
or all I’ve become.

But still I dream of that Japanese girl
and wonder…
wonder why.

© 2015 Stephen Boothe


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Sixty plus year old Network engineer, father, grandfather, webmaster, graphic designer, guitar/bass player, yogi from Texas. View all posts by txyogi

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