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I had seen death
when it flew upon broken wings.

It came from within a storm
of shattered dreams.

With lust in its mouth
and blood upon its face.

It seized upon my fearless heart;
an unprotected place

born in purer times
and living in a place of trust.

We never see when love has died
until it turns to dust.

It tastes like dirt and ashes in the mouth;
a familiar place.

One I have begged for in many borrowed times.
An unforgotten space

of time and mind and oft neglected lives
that never felt true.

I will live and I will die
but never once for you.

So give me love
so that I may live for such a narrow time,

for all I have and all I give
was never really mine.

© 2015 Stephen Boothe


I Remember

I remember days
when the air was so thick with lies and emotion
that it was hard to breathe
much less think.

Those were the days of summer nights
when rubber bands could never break
less the world come crashing down
and unknown disasters would annihilate me.

Those were the days of winter cold
and how the first heartbreak cracked like ice.
I just knew I would die.

Those were the days of visions,
artificial or otherwise.
It’s so easy to lose track
when you have no mind.

Those were the days of love,
as best I could perceive.
A ghost, an imperfect shadow
of what could possibly be.

Those were the days of dreams;
so elusive, so enticing.
Now realized and never lost.

we live for eternity.

© 2015 Stephen Boothe

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