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I have seen further than any man
should ever see.
A common thread, a common me.
Love has always been the thing that
keeps me in,
drives my world and makes me
just a little insane.
You know I thought I found the one..
you know..that one
and I would have been content
to live with all that I could see.
But really when it it comes down
to it,
there’s really no choice, is there?

I had a dream as I was watching
a favorite scene.
Only this was what would
eventually be.
I realized that I was not yet done.
No this was what would be.
There would come a beauty
into my life.
A place with light.
And it would show me
all I had ever wanted.
All I had needed.

How long do we go on?
How long do we wait?
For eternity? For love?
How long?
We wait forever.

© 2015 Stephen Boothe



Sunshine can’t stop
but I don’t really mind,
cause everything always seems
the same
when you’re frozen
in the same frame of time
and space and you’ve always been
the same.

© 2015 Stephen Boothe

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