Monthly Archives: June 2018

Blue Sky

When you fall
and all you can see
is the blue sky.
And you wonder
became of the ground.
Then you know
the end
will always come around
cause everyone
always dreams
about the blue sky.




And in the end
the child was dead
as angels fell to dust.
to see the sun
as blood began to rust.
Take this thought
and hold it still
and I will dwell with thee
wanting not
for better things
for all you were resides in me.

I feel that prick
of memory
the foulest I’ve ever known.
A little spur,
a little rub,
for sins I now atone.
As I go back
to what I was
in sweeter times than these,
tasting rinds
of rotted fruit
that smell of death and sweet release.

I’ve found that painful
part of me
that hurtful poisoned well
and purge it from
its rotten core
of constant misery.
Striving for
a life of light
and everlasting bliss,
hold me now
forever girl
and give me one last kiss.


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