Who I Am

Sixty plus year old guitar and bass playing yogi from Texas.

I am not a typical sixty-something year old. I love adventure, I love music, I love art, I write poetry, I love meeting new people. I practice yoga, I volunteer, I give back to my community. You may find me at a festival, you may find me at a committee meeting planning an event, you may find me at a local venue dancing to some great tunes, you may not find me at all as I take my down time seriously. I am a seriously extroverted introvert. Yes, that is a contradiction in terms but then so am I.

I am or have also been a husband, father, grandfather, Network engineer, webmaster, graphic designer, artist, and music lover. My tastes constantly evolve although I’ve always loved the Blues and always will.

This my place. It is the place I come to relive my past, ponder my present moment, and speculate about my future. Although the past cannot be changed, it is a tool for living in the present and a guide for what may be. And at this point in my life, the future is very bright.

Just as in the life I’ve lived for these 60 something years, this place, my place, will evolve. It has to; that’s my nature. So enjoy the ride and don’t sweat the small stuff.

And remember.

Change is a function of existence.


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