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night, Mother

Over 65 million people worldwide have epilepsy. Its physical effects are far reaching and can even cause death. It affects many more than that in the families, friends, and loved ones of those with the disease. New treatments and therapies are being discovered every day. Please help, please get involved. To help, go to The Epilepsy Foundation at

I attended a rehearsal of ‘night, Mother’ just recently at The Apex Theatre. It is a 1983 Pulitzer Prize winning play by Marsha Norman about a daughter, Jessie, and her mother, Thelma, which deals with the consequences of epilepsy. This production is a collaboration of Felicity Enas and Hannah Morris with a portion of the proceeds going to The Epilepsy Foundation. The play will run from May 16th through May 24th.

The entire scene takes place in a living room/kitchen of a typical middle class home. The relationship between Thelma and Jessie is set from the very first scene and we get a sense of the roles each character has assumed as a result, we are to learn, of the effects of epilepsy in their lives.

Throughout the play an interesting dynamic evolves as a result of the course that Jesse has chosen. There is a stripping away of the façade each character has built up over the years as a defense against the stress of living and coping with such a life altering disease. It is a lesson in humility, it is a lesson in relationships, it is a lesson in love.

Although the ultimate ending is announced fairly early in the play, the evolution of the characters as portrayed by Felicity Enas and Hannah Morris will keep you engaged throughout. Their performance is so empathic that one cannot feel anything but compassion for the love, the misery, and the burden they share.

If you see but one play this year, you must see ‘night, Mother’ playing at the Apex Theatre May 16th through May 24th.

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Tools used: Twisted Brush
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Downtown ArtWalk and Poetry Slam


Yesterday, my town held their downtown ArtWalk. It is an event where local artist display their work around the town square along with interactive displays and music. There was also a Poetry Slam, which is of special interest to me.

Due to the cold weather, the temperatures were at or just below freezing all day, all the artists were moved indoor into various venues and establishments to make it a warmer event. Luckily, we didn’t get any precipitation to speak of so we didn’t have to deal with ice or snow.

Considering the cold, the turnout was better than I had expected. Living in my part of Texas, we don’t get a lot of cold weather and residents aren’t used to it. That said, a lot of locals came out for the fun.

ArtWalkAuctionMy son and I got there early as we both had volunteered to help with the event in setup and to assist the artists. It was a good opportunity for my son, both to volunteer but also to be exposed to the art and to the artists. In his usual day to day life, he doesn’t get the opportunity to do those things that often.


It was a wonderful chance to see many of my friends who were exhibiting their work and to meet new friends and talk to them about their art.

ArtWalkLaney ArtWalkInteractive


After a couple of hours, the Poetry Slam was held in the Main Street Art Gallery which was a central point for all of the activities. Five poets read, including myself, and it was a nice mix of styles and performance. It is always interesting to me to not only hear what other poets have written but to see their performance styles. My hope is that as more of these events are held, more poets will come out to read.



Every time I am given the opportunity to participate and experience these types of events, I see it as a positive sign that our town is moving in the direction I and many others would like to see. That of a varied and vibrant city with Arts, and Music, and Theater, and all the things that make like so beautiful!

Thanks and All That Comes With Life

On this eve of Thanksgiving, I am reflecting on where I’m at in my life, not so much physically although that does figure into it, but more emotionally and spiritually.

I feel fairly secure in my being at this stage of my life although I sense there is something more, something just ahead. Is that a longing for the next stage in my evolution? Or more a disatisfaction with where I currently reside metaphysically?

I think I’ll let that one go for another day.

I haven’t written anything lately, or more properly, I haven’t finished anything recently. I started a few pieces but have been unable to complete them. Or at least they somehow feel incomplete. And that’s what really matters anyway.

I also realized that I haven’t played any of my guitars in at least a month or so; a rare occurence for me. Could this be related? Hmm..

I do have an event coming up soon that I am very excited about. Our city is holding a downtown Art Walk where various artists are able to exhibit their works. Along with what will undoubtably be a visual feast will be music and a poetry slam. Of which I am planning to participate. I think I’ve settled on which pieces I will read but I tend to go with feel often and my choices could change. I am also signed up to volunteer to help in assisting and setup for the event, along with my oldest daughter and my son, which is very exciting in itself. Updates after the event.

Until then…

Art and The Future Looks Bright

Tonight was a special event for me. I attended a local Art gallery for an opening of a new exhibit called ‘Flight’. It was special to me for several reasons.

The number one reason this evening was special for me was that I had asked my fourteen year old son if he would like to go with me. He said yes, although I could tell it was with a bit of trepidation. However after the event, when I asked him his opinion, I could tell he really enjoyed the opening. I knew he felt a little out of place as most of the crowd was in their 30s and older, but he truly was interested in the art. This is big for me since there have been limited opportunities in the past, in our town, for exposure to what I consider ‘culture’ to both young and old alike and it is important to me to expose my son to, what were at one time considered, the Liberal Arts. Thankfully that is starting to change.

And that is the second reason tonight was so special. I am beginning to see a sea change in our town. I was talking to a friend the other day and he, and some people he is associated with, are sensing a ‘critical mass’ in regards to Art, Music, and Culture in our town. I have discovered that there are many people working toward promoting a thriving Artist community in our town and I believe the time is right. We are going to make this happen.

The future is bright and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

The Artistic Yogi

Artistic expression has been a favored outlet of mine for many years. At various times, I have drawn, painted, made music, and written. And much of that artistic expression has been spontaneous. I didn’t sit and decide ‘Today I will write a poem or compose a song or paint a canvas’.

For the most part, art has always come to me in a flash: a sudden inspiration spawned by a memory or an occurrence or even just out of the blue. Often an idea comes to me full blown without any or very little work on my part.

There have been many times in the past when I would have a thought that I felt could be a true artistic expression but when it didn’t bloom into a fully developed entity, I didn’t pursue it. Recently I learned or maybe discovered that even with a tiny kernel of inspiration, I can make something out of almost nothing. It just takes work and a little discipline.

I also suffered under the self imposed rigidity of thinking that if a work was not perfect, whatever that was in my world view at the time, that it wasn’t worth the effort. If it didn’t feel right, it couldn’t possibly come to fruition. I have realized that much of that was born of my own insecurity about who I was and what I was capable of.

I have come to know that the creation of art, for me, is an end to itself. The end product, while important, is not the totality of art. I’ve learned that liking the end result doesn’t have to be of prime importance.

I have to believe that my new relationship with my artistic self is a byproduct of my yoga practice. If I show up and work at it, there is beauty in the path.

Artists Nation Presents: Live art & Poetry Slam


Saturday night I was honored to be invited and to participate in a Live Art & Poetry Slam presented by Artists Nation.

What is a Live Art & Poetry Slam, you ask?

It was an amazing event featuring painting, music, & poetry, not to mention great food at a local eatery ‘What About Kabob’. Several local artists were painting ‘What About Kabob’ while enjoying the event. Later, Tyler’s first Poetry Slam kicked off with poets taking the stage to perform and share their poetry. Reakt!on. pleased the crowd with his unique sounds and there was also an amazing fire dance after dark.

The painting was awesome and the people were wonderful. Several of our local artists collaborated on what become some beautiful work.



Later on began the Poetry Slam. I had never been to a Poetry Slam before although I had read at what were called Poetry Readings about 20-30 years ago. It was exciting! It was fun! There was a good amount of participation from young to old.


I had a wonderful time and I could tell everyone else did as well. If you ever get a chance to go to one of these or to participate, do it! You will love it!
Word is there will be another held in October. Can’t wait!

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