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The Addiction of Possession

I am coming to believe that possessions are a sublimely seductive and malicious trap. They reverse the presumed sense of ownership and entrap one with their inherent obligation.

As possessions have become the universally accepted signature of accomplishment, self esteem, and social worth, I struggle to stay connected to those things within myself that should, in reality, be the only impetus that drives me and stands as my true significance or attainment in this world.

Love, kindness, and acceptance for one’s fellow beings are the prime motivators of a compassionate world, not the possession of things as a tool to demean others thus artificially elevating one’s sense of self worth.

There is a degrading of the spirit that occurs when owned by one’s possessions; yes… owned by one’s possessions. Love turns to jealousy, greed, and envy as the connection and addiction to possessions increases. The ability to achieve one’s own self dignity or true potential can never fully be explored when possessions remain the primary source of essence.

© 2014 Stephen Boothe


Ch Ch Ch Changes…

I have decided to yet again make some changes in my blog.

I wonder … is there an underlying pathology in my desire to constantly change? Is it a desire to keep moving? an innate disquiet for the here and now? or simply a desire to find the elusive thing which can never be obtained. I can not know at this point in my life.

But that being said, here is the news. I have, up to now, posted my poetry on pages rather than posts and, not to get into the intricacies of WordPress, have decided to post them as, well, posts. It works for me and that is the whole point. I’ve always known that this blog is about finding and completing myself as much as I am able.

So, beginning with my last poem, it is to the real time stream of consciousness we go.

Peace, love, and good wine.

Wednesday Morning and I Feel Fine

I went to a local event last night held weekly in our city.

It is called Keep It Local Tuesday. There are a group of us that choose a local Mom & Pop establishment and we meet there for food, conversation, and all around fun. It is a good way to stay connected and to give support to small local business. I had a very good time and, as always, saw some friends I knew and made some new friends.

In the blogging world, or at least in my little part of it, I’ve posted a new poem, Thirteen, and also put up a couple of new videos that I really like. Check them out here.

Until next time.

A Little Housekeeping

I’ve changed things around a bit; I warned you that this site would evolve over time.

Nothing major, I just changed the front page and did away with Look At This. I haven’t been updating the latter and it seemed a bit stale to have the static Who Am I for the main page. So we’ll go with this for a while and see how it fits.

I’m working on an upcoming post concerning my childhood, dreams, and alternate lives. Whether it will be good reading I don’t know, but it is good for me to write it.


Friday Night Update

I’ve added at least one new link to Blogs I Follow. Check out my friend Noah’s site, On The Slipdown. He’s an interesting guy.

And I’ve added an old favorite to Listen To This. It’s one of those I continually come back to because I love it so much. It never fails to move me.

I’ve also added a new poem named Salvation. I’m not quite sure what to make of this one yet. It came in a rush and I’m sure it is trying to say something to me. I’m just still trying to work it out.

Now I’m off to see some friends play their music at a local venue. Till we meet again.


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