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Blue Sky

When you fall
and all you can see
is the blue sky.
And you wonder
became of the ground.
Then you know
the end
will always come around
cause everyone
always dreams
about the blue sky.




And in the end
the child was dead
as angels fell to dust.
to see the sun
as blood began to rust.
Take this thought
and hold it still
and I will dwell with thee
wanting not
for better things
for all you were resides in me.

I feel that prick
of memory
the foulest I’ve ever known.
A little spur,
a little rub,
for sins I now atone.
As I go back
to what I was
in sweeter times than these,
tasting rinds
of rotted fruit
that smell of death and sweet release.

I’ve found that painful
part of me
that hurtful poisoned well
and purge it from
its rotten core
of constant misery.
Striving for
a life of light
and everlasting bliss,
hold me now
forever girl
and give me one last kiss.



Sunshine can’t stop
but I don’t really mind,
cause everything always seems
the same
when you’re frozen
in the same frame of time
and space and you’ve always been
the same.

© 2015 Stephen Boothe


I’ve realized
that it’s only a matter of time
until I burn down
the whole fucking world,
at least the part I inhabit,
because that’s all
that really matters anyway,
isn’t it?

© 2015 Stephen Boothe


I had seen death
when it flew upon broken wings.

It came from within a storm
of shattered dreams.

With lust in its mouth
and blood upon its face.

It seized upon my fearless heart;
an unprotected place

born in purer times
and living in a place of trust.

We never see when love has died
until it turns to dust.

It tastes like dirt and ashes in the mouth;
a familiar place.

One I have begged for in many borrowed times.
An unforgotten space

of time and mind and oft neglected lives
that never felt true.

I will live and I will die
but never once for you.

So give me love
so that I may live for such a narrow time,

for all I have and all I give
was never really mine.

© 2015 Stephen Boothe

Japanese Girl

Walking down that dirty street so long,
I’d lost the taste for life,
drinking all those dreams so wrong.

Then I met that Japanese girl…
She took me for a ride
then threw me right out.

I think I must have been a ghost
drifting on dust,
wine, weed, and pills,

just living in my shoes
and saying all those things
I used to say.

Then I dreamt of that Japanese girl
thinking maybe,
just maybe,

I could walk down that street once more.
I don’t know…
am I still alive?

Well I don’t know if I’m sane
or if this is really all I am
or all I’ve become.

But still I dream of that Japanese girl
and wonder…
wonder why.

© 2015 Stephen Boothe


I saw a black blue sky;
one like I’d never seen before,
with reflections of all
the thoughts
I had ever known;
sheltered and shaded
by fast and fleeting
of now and then.
I know there is
no past
just as there is
no future.
And there’s the thing
that binds.
It keeps me taut
with unrealized dreams
of all I could have
ever been
or all I could hope to live for
and know.

© 2015 Stephen Boothe


the bright early sun

eyes blinded by nightly dreams

I still see your face. 

 © 2015 Stephen Boothe

Clear Blue Sky

I swim inside a clear blue sky
and it’s been a while
since it’s been
this clear.

Give me all you can
cause I can take it.
I will make it mine.

I hear echoes of
what I’ve seen
and I know love
will make me whole.

I know I taste of
faded souls
cause that’s where
I’ve been.

I’ve looked directly
into the sun
and saw those sad, sad eyes
that burn so brightly
but feel no warmth.

That has to be the loneliest
thing there is..
when the black, black night

and says ‘come back home.
This is where you’ve
always belonged.
You weren’t meant
to ever live
in the light’.

But still I dream
and still I love
and still I swim
inside that
clear blue sky.

© 2015 Stephen Boothe

Politics, Facebook, and the Evolution of Human Interaction

Politics is like Facebook.

Yeah, I said Facebook.

Ok, I hear you saying “What in the world do you mean, Boothe? Politics is like Facebook? No way!!


Let me explain.

Don’t get me wrong, Facebook can be great; it’s useful; it fulfills a purpose. It allows people to connect that otherwise would not be able to do so or, at the very least, would have great difficulty doing so.

But let me tell what it also does or rather what it has become. It has become a substitute for real life. It has become a substitute for real human interaction. It is a façade. It is fake. And it paints a picture of a world that does not exist. It is often used to show you a projected image designed to alter your perception of either the person presenting that image or to cause you to feel about a particular subject in a desired fashion.

Are you feeling me yet?

In our country (merica) we have two political parties and their job is to convince you that you need to think the way they do; you need to see things the way they see them, and, most importantly, that the ‘other’ party is not only wrong but they are also the spawn of the devil (or whichever malevolent diety/entity in which you currently believe is the yang to your yin). Admittedly, Facebook has a way to go to catch up but it is relatively young. This politics thing has had quite a head start.

The point of the matter is that the intention of politics is to move your focus from a place where you are connected to all fellow humans and everyone is equal in their worth and in the love they give and receive to a place of ‘this is me and that is you’; a place where ‘my thoughts/beliefs/stuff is better than your thoughts/beliefs/stuff. Anyone that is not you or yours is ‘the enemy’ and ‘does not measure up’ and of course must be destroyed lest their opinions be actually heard.

Whoa, excuse me. I drifted there for a bit.

So back to Facebook. And to be honest, it’s not just Facebook but most of Social Media. So much of it has become an artifice not only designed to portray an almost perfect utopian image but has become the defacto method of communication for many. For why would one want to actually interact with a fellow human being on a very personal face to face level when there is the remote possibility that they may see through your façade and get a glimpse of who you truly are and see your true intentions and motivations.

Oh, the horror!

Which brings me back to politics. Circles within circles within circles…

Politicians are very, very good at what they do for the most part. After all, if they aren’t good at their craft they don’t get reelected. They have the ability to do what the average person does on Facebook every day, but do it in person. Face to face. That takes skill. That takes dedication. That takes an enormous ability to engage in subterfuge of the highest level. A politician’s intent is to move you from a place in which your natural inclinations or beliefs guide you to a place where their projected image becomes your guidepost, becomes your objective, becomes your reality.

Welcome to the machine (to quote a very popular songwriter of my generation).

© 2014 Stephen Boothe

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