Illustrated Poetry

I found myself at the beginning,
a zenith if you will,
and knew that the party had just started.
A prevernal Psalm,
a hymn to the rose and the cross
had carried me to faraway dreams
and afternoon places.
Shal I sing you a sonnet?
Poetry in motion
born on midsummers wings,
fly, my pretties, fly.
And we will love
and we will hate
as we look beyond the fog
of symbolic relationships
that cast shadows over time
but carry quiet joy.
For there is a time to plant
and a time to sow
and all the colors of the rainbow
are ours
if only we see.

© 2015 Stephen Boothe


Forever Man

I want to be your forever man
not just an afterthought
or an option
or a pleasant way to pass the time

I dont want to be
just some guy that sends you flowers
or buys you pizza
or someone you pass by as you go through life

I want to be the one
your bones ache for
the one your skin hungers for
the one that creeps into your thoughts late at night

i want to be your forever man
the one you’ll always believe in

i want to be your forever man

© 2015 Stephen Boothe


I can do this alone
repeating to myself
because I know it’s true

But i dont want to
and thats the truth

you can do this
all by yourself
but what about us
What about us

I want us
and thats the truth

If I must
I will go and stay
in my own space

But i dont want to
and thats the truth

How far I’ve come
to live my life
in a place
I want to share

How easy to go
and be alone

But I dont want to
and thats the truth

And it’s the only
truth I have

© 2015 Stephen Boothe

Japanese Girl

Walking down that dirty street so long,
I’d lost the taste for life,
drinking all those dreams so wrong.

Then I met that Japanese girl…
She took me for a ride
then threw me right out.

I think I must have been a ghost
drifting on dust,
wine, weed, and pills,

just living in my shoes
and saying all those things
I used to say.

Then I dreamt of that Japanese girl
thinking maybe,
just maybe,

I could walk down that street once more.
I don’t know…
am I still alive?

Well I don’t know if I’m sane
or if this is really all I am
or all I’ve become.

But still I dream of that Japanese girl
and wonder…
wonder why.

© 2015 Stephen Boothe


I saw a black blue sky;
one like I’d never seen before,
with reflections of all
the thoughts
I had ever known;
sheltered and shaded
by fast and fleeting
of now and then.
I know there is
no past
just as there is
no future.
And there’s the thing
that binds.
It keeps me taut
with unrealized dreams
of all I could have
ever been
or all I could hope to live for
and know.

© 2015 Stephen Boothe


the bright early sun

eyes blinded by nightly dreams

I still see your face. 

 © 2015 Stephen Boothe


I can smell the warmth

of the beauty all around. 

This world is my dream. 

 © 2015 Stephen Boothe

When It Rains

They say when it rains that God is crying
or the devil is whipping his wife.
I say it’s neither or maybe it’s both
or maybe it’s a sign of life.

And if I die before I wake
and never catch my breath,
who would cry a tear for me?
Who would mourn my death?

I think that love would cry
to lose another soul.
For tears are just the beginning;
it’s love that makes us whole.

© 2015 Stephen Boothe

Clear Blue Sky

I swim inside a clear blue sky
and it’s been a while
since it’s been
this clear.

Give me all you can
cause I can take it.
I will make it mine.

I hear echoes of
what I’ve seen
and I know love
will make me whole.

I know I taste of
faded souls
cause that’s where
I’ve been.

I’ve looked directly
into the sun
and saw those sad, sad eyes
that burn so brightly
but feel no warmth.

That has to be the loneliest
thing there is..
when the black, black night

and says ‘come back home.
This is where you’ve
always belonged.
You weren’t meant
to ever live
in the light’.

But still I dream
and still I love
and still I swim
inside that
clear blue sky.

© 2015 Stephen Boothe


A shadow inside
Is it me or just winter?
My bones have grown cold.


© 2014 Stephen Boothe

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