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is just another word for darkness
and I can taste its bitterness
on my tongue.
Sitting alone
on a Sunday afternoon
as trees whisper words i can no longer hear,
I hear and feel their leaves
brushing painful memories
of hopes and dreams i can no longer see.
Life slips away as i fall
into the black..
a familiar place
comforting yet cold.
Darkness is just another word for
And I have learned to see in the dark.



Sometimes I worry about the darkness
that lives inside.

The part that lives
and will not die

The one that is prepared
to kill every living thing

just to survive.

It is a part of me
of which I can not deny

The strength that comes
when I am weak

and tells me
that I will live


I hold its tongue
and dare not let it speak

the words that
it knows so well.

It calls to death
and bides it’s time


© 2014 Stephen Boothe

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